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3D Models
Animated GIFs
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AxiomX Graphics
3D Models - 28 high-quality meshes of assorted objects in trueSpace .cob format.
Textures - A collection of 30 tileable textures of common surfaces, for 3d modeling, web page design, and interface design.
Animated GIFs - 10 assorted animated GIFs for web page design. Download them individually or as a collection.
Icons - 2 collections of unique icons designed to make your Windows desktop and program icons more interesting.
Cursors - 3 collections of colorful cursors designed to replace the standard monochrome cursors that are installed with Windows.
Wallpaper - 5 collections of tileable bitmaps for the Windows desktop which can also be used for 3d modeling and web page design.
Hypercube Model
Have you ever wanted to turn a 2-dimensional design into a 3-dimensional representation of a theoretical 4-dimensional object? Well now you can, if you're able to download an 8x10 image, print it, cut it out, fold it, and glue it together little by little.
A sharp craft knife, a straight edge, and a stick of glue are required. I recommend printing the cutout image on matte card stock, but thicker photo papers might work. Cut it out according to the guide above. Before folding, lightly crease the lines with the back edge of your knife. Glue 1 or 2 flaps at a time and wait until they dry before continuing. The light blue face (the foot of the cross) should be the last one folded and glued.

Hypercube Cutout Image (ZIP - 145 KB)

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