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 Inpatient Manager 1.1
For Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT4 / 2K / XP
Inpatient Manager screenshot A database application for hospitalists created by a family practice physician. Inpatient Manager is designed to help teams of physicians manage the sign-in/sign-out process in an organized and efficient way, ultimately improving patient care. It records only the information that is relevant to patient care, and it outputs clear and concise printouts for physicians' rounds.
Inpatient Manager can create an unlimited number of databases - each with a limit of 32,000 patient records, and each record can accommodate a virtually unlimited amount of text. The application includes a versatile search function and an innovative function for creating customized reports. Databases created with Inpatient Manager are easy to navigate and manage, and individual records are easy to keep. For compatibility with other software, the application includes a function that exports a database to a tab-delimited text file.
Download Inpatient Manager
Read the Software License Agreement before downloading. After downloading Inpatient Manager extract the contents of to a temporary folder and run Setup.exe.
Inpatient Manager 1.1 (ZIP - 1.98 MB)
Copyright, Luisa Arevalo Klose. All rights reserved.